wedding photography tipsIf it is absolutely your first time to start a wedding photography business, then you probably have every single right to feel a bit agitated. You think you know photography, at least the art side of it all and that’s great – but you also need to be a bit smoother with the business side of things at some point. The first thing that you need to get well and out of the way is the fact that you need help with something like this. You need a few of the basics before you head out and dive face first into uncharted waters. There are tons of tips written all over the web but here are a few tips just to help you get started and help you hit the ground running.

Write down a list of all of the shots that you should be taking

One of the most effective ways of creating a real working shot list would be for you to sit down with the bride and groom and go over everything that you would need to go through. Ask them what particular shots do they think they absolutely need to have and in return, you can add in a few items of your own but telling them what you think should be a part of the list as well. This should be particularly discussed for as far as family shots are concerned. Our shropshire wedding photographer always does this when working on a wedding.

It certainly would be a bad idea to go through this and get the wedding photography bit done and over with. They get their pictures back and realize that you did not take a shot of them with their beloved great aunt Maggie whom they both absolutely adore. Save yourself the embarrassment by securing the list first and foremost. Keep a physical copy of the list as much as possible. You will begin to get better at it and you will eventually not be in need of an actual list but until such time, stick to the paper list.

Always visit the wedding venues ahead of time

This isn’t really something that all of the pros are doing but it helps a lot if this is something that you go through the motions of really checking out. It will give you a better idea about where to go, where you should position your shots, and perhaps even figure out how the lights and shadows fall and how you will be able to play with them in the images that you are able to take. If you can visit the locations with the couple to take a few test shots just so that you get a feel for it, by all means, do it.

Prepare well ahead of time

Wedding photography is all about being prepare and having a backup plan that is sure to cover for any contingencies and that is sure to mitigate any possible risks along the way. Pack for bad or inclement weather. Bring more than enough extra camera batteries and memory cards that you will ever need so that you never run out. Take as many practice shots as you can and always attend rehearsals.

wedding photography tips1. A wedding photographer is wise enough to make sure to accumulate enough experience first before launching a career.

You can’t expect to make a living off of something that you absolutely have no idea what to do. Your best chance in gaining some ground and having success when it comes to something like this would be to gain as much experience as you can first. Try to offer out your services for free to friends and family. Let them know full and well that you have had no experience yet whatsoever and let them know what your truest of intentions are. Chances are, very few will turn you turn for the mere fact that you are offering free service out. Another option for you to go for that can really get things going for you would be to offer to assist a more established wedding photographer. Again, you can charge for your service but you’re really not in a position to demand for much because of your experience so you really have a better chance if you offer your services out for free.

2. A wedding photographer knows how to work with a team and knows the value of getting other people to help make up for the slack.

The thing with weddings is the fact that they are extremely huge events that have a lot of tasks that need to be accomplished on the end of the wedding photographer lancashire. It is not something that can be accomplished by just one person. You have to be smart enough to bring in a team and delegate the other tasks that are a bit hard for you to cover because you might be spreading yourself way too thin already.

3. A wedding photographer highly values formal training and will not pass up an opportunity for continuous education.

Although this is something that is not an absolute requirement, it is still something that you will be able to really benefit a lot from. Formal training gives you the advantage of technical expertise and being under the tutelage of professionals who have been to the field and who are sure to really know what they are doing. A certification will also extremely increase your chances of landing the more high profile photographer jobs out there – things that would not have been readily available for you otherwise.

4. A wedding photographer understands that it is extremely important to make sure that there is an open line of communication between him and the clients.

You should make sure that your clients should always come first and last. Really sit down and spend time to listen to what they want to happen to their wedding event and go back and forth in a healthy discourse and discuss whether or not you will be able to deliver everything that they require of you. This is also the perfect time for you to draw out where your artistic liberties stand so that you will know where you will be able to stop.

wedding photographyWedding photography may actually be far trickier than it would normally sound. It requires a lot of attention to detail and requires a lot of ground work as well as work in the back end as well. If this is something that you would like to be able to do for a living, then you should seriously brace yourself for an onslaught of challenges. There will be a lot of roadblocks ahead especially when it comes for people who are just starting out. The focus in wedding photography is for you as the wedding photographer essex to be able to capture the moment. In order for you to do that, you have to be in the midst of it all and really be able to absorb it and capture it from the perspective of the camera; that is the only way for you to be able to deliver the images that you would like to capture.

The first trick is for you to have the people you photograph walk back and forth.

Walking makes people a bit more at ease and relaxed than they normally would be. It takes off the edge of having their photos taken. This is particularly helpful if you are taking photos of people who are not that comfortable of being photographed. This works particularly well for couple shots. Have them talk about something light and funny. It will let you come up with photos that are casual and romantic at the same time.

The second trick is for you to shoot in as much natural light as possible.

Natural light can really bring out the greatest features in people and can really get to highlight them in such a way that would not have been possible in any other way. If you can, try to veer away from using flash because you always run the risk of overexposing your photos and you don’t want that to happen at all by any means whatsoever.

You should also encourage people to have more fun when you get their photos taken.

Personality makes pictures look more unique and enjoyable. You should learn to let the events unfold on their own as they go along. Learn how to pick up meaningful conversations from a distance and be able to take them without being obtrusive so as not to disrupt them. This is where a telephoto lens can come in handy. You can zoom in from afar without really risking the quality of the photos you take.

Learn the art of complimenting.

This is probably something that you should save more for the women. This might not work so much on the men. Complimenting will have people you photograph looking more glowing and gorgeous and whose smiles will end up looking more genuine and interesting. This should be something that you can give out in well timed instances but be careful and make sure that you are still able to stay within the lines of propriety when you give them out at times.

wedding photographyAlways scouts locations ahead of time

Wedding photographers always prepare (or ever over prepare, at times) for a certain photo shoot or event coverage sometimes days on end. They would visit the venues and take practice shots. They want to make sure that they are able to acclimate themselves to the places they will be covering before the actual event date. This is a routine that has been passed on to photographers for years by other professionals who have gone before them. The great thing about this kind of practice is the fact that the photographer becomes better armed with the knowledge and the little nooks and crannies of the place enough to know where to pose people when the time comes.

Always gets an assistant or team to back him up

A real professional knows that wedding photography is something that he cannot take on solo. Wedding photographers would usually take in assistants or assemble full fledged teams in order to be able to cater to the ever increasing and seemingly endless demands that come along with covering weddings. There are so many elements at play and it just won’t work if there’s no team where the tasks can be disseminated to.

Always maintains blogs and portfolios diligently

Online presence is everything in this day and age and seasoned wedding photographers are well aware of that. They always work on new material to be posted to their portfolios and they arrange them methodically and string them together in such a way that they have some sort of coherence. They also make sure that they are able to schedule their blog posts in such a way that their followers know the exact day of the week to look out for. Their blogs are usually looked upon for inspiration and for fresh perspective or a new take on things.

Always maintains open lines of communication with the client

Good photographers always make it about their clients. Communication is everything and satisfaction is always being pursued at all times. There is very little or not totally nonexistent element of surprise and the clients also end up feeling accommodated and waited on when it comes to questions and concerns that they may have. This is great for marketing and great for business overall.

Great wedding photographers know how to network during the wedding events

Networking is everything especially in a special niche like Indian wedding photography. Veterans will usually have business cards prepared ahead of time and ready to be handed out to people during the event. They also are not afraid to reach out to fellow workings in the wedding industry such as the caterers, the florists, and most importantly, the wedding planners. Savvy veteran photographers will almost always book at least one more client or get at least one referral in one of these events. Newbies in the field should learn to face their fear of walking up to strangers and just talking and laying it all out there. It’s great for business.

wedding photographyTry out having the people you film walk away from you

.. and then make their way towards you again. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book if you would like to go for authentic looking pictures in the natural wedding photography niche. This trick is perfect for couples, in particular. You can use it for the engagement photo shoot and for the actual wedding photo shoot as well. Try to have the couple walk at a pace that is not too fast wherein the images tend to blur and not too slow wherein you don’t get that much authenticity and casualness in the images. It is also nice to have the couple talk about something. It doesn’t matter what they talk about. It can be about any topic at all – just preferably something happy and something that will make them both smile at some point.

Let the couple try the “almost kiss” routine

This is also another couple photo trick that you can keep up your sleeve every once in a while. Having them almost kiss evokes a certain level of intrigue and mystery that translates incredibly well in the photographs. This may seem silly and may come off as something just a little too contrived or choreographed but if you are able to capture this with the right timing and with all of the right angles, it should provide you with gorgeous enough pictures worthy of grazing any hardbound wedding photo album at any given time.

Yes, it’s alright to have the group do wacky poses from time to time

The thing with natural wedding photography is that you have to allow a little bit of spontaneity. That’s the whole point of the concept to begin with. There is a certain novelty to having people act as they normally would – just fun and having fun. Believe it or not, posing for photo shoots can be taxing for anyone, even for the more experienced models who do it for a living. Imagine how much stress it will give people who are not that used to getting their photos taken. This can be applied to both group and couple pictures. Let them have a little fun and be there to document their varied bursts of personalities.

Take photographs of people who are deep in conversation

People who are engaged in discourse are interesting to photograph because it brings worth a plethora of facial reactions, hand gestures, and body language in general that would not have been possible if they are posing for say, a choreographed studio session, for example. During the actual wedding event, people like to share family stories or funny events in the past and that is something that you should look out for to truly capture them in their truest essence.

Tell the group to “huddle up”

Group pictures are not as challenging as the close-ups and the one-on-ones but if there is one trick that you should always remember, it would be to have them close the physical gaps in between each other as much as possible.

Put out well-placed compliments for women subjects

Women love being complimented. Our Leicester photographer notices this every time he take shots of a bride. Give out some well-placed and proprietary compliments every now and then in between takes, and you should be well on your way to getting great photos that look really natural and real.

wedding photography tipsOn-location wedding photography is exciting and full of adventures. It also holds so many more challenges than a usual studio photography session. The weather is unpredictable and it may work for you at times and totally against you other times. Location is one of the most important aspects of a photo shoot. It would be even quite fair to say that it can be a deal maker or a deal breaker, it really is all up to the photographer and how he wrangles with the circumstances set upon him. On-location wedding photographers should be more alert and should be able to think on their feet to capture those awesome pictures for their clients. Here a few tips to help you along if you would like to try on-location wedding photography out:

Photo walk

Try out the idea of a photo walk for more perspective and excitement. Although the outdoors can indeed be interesting, standing in one spot and posing across different angles can be a bit monotonous and boring. One way to switch things a bit would be to sort of hike slash power walk along with the bride and groom who are about to be wed or even with the entire entourage brought along. It allows you the freedom to take an almost unlimited number of shots across varying scenes. People also tend to feel at ease when they walk around so you will be getting interesting expressions and totally authentic looking pictures.


Composition is everything when it comes to on-location wedding photography. You think you may just be taking regular wedding photography photos but you also need to look out for elements that contribute to strong and stable compositions to be used as based. Start off practicing with inanimate objects that are in one spot. If you will be able to come up with interesting compositions from there, you will have no problem coming up with exciting ones when you’re on location.


Master how you will be able to play with lighting. A great photographer like this wedding photographer waterford works well and works masterfully with light. If you’re just starting out, you have to know that balance is everything. The only way you will be able to juggle this kind of balance is through a lot of practice. Light is a sensitive issue to juggle. It can emphasize and bring out the best facial features of your subjects but too much light can also sort of wash them out. It helps if you practice with a friend or a partner or even a fellow practicing photographer. You can take each other’s photos and play with how you will be able to play with the lighting and see how they come out.

The thing is, on-location wedding photography is sort of hands-on and practical so you just really have to just zero back to the fact that practice makes perfect. Take your time and do your best to not rush through things. Time is always of the essence so go through the motions of really acquainting yourself with your camera.

photography businessWhether you are a working wedding photographer surrey or a passionate hobbyist, keeping your gear up to date definitely will cost a pretty penny. Therefore, you want to all of your device is well protected against likely damage or perhaps theft. With many various organizations offering specially made insurance plans for the equipment, we are going to consider 5 reasons why you need insurance.

  • Guards you against claims of negligence

Professional liability insurance, otherwise called errors and omissions insurance (E & O insurance), protects your corporation when you are sued for negligently doing your services, even if you haven’t made a mistake.You have been contracted to photograph a ceremony, but your memory card breaks down causing you to suffer a loss of all of your pictures. The client could make a claim against you for inability to deliver the expert services agreed. Professional liability insurance defends you against a claim of negligence even if you haven’t made a mistake.

  • Protects your photography equipment

Equipment damage: Photographs together with video can’t be taken without the ideal equipment. Business owner insurance includes common liability coverage with protection for your photography equipment for example cameras, lights, computers, as well as grip equipment useful to provide your service.Photography products are expensive, and no matter whether you are amateurs or full-time professionals, reducing your equipment to theft or even damage could be devastating.

A single event (be it thieves, natural disaster, etc.) could completely tear down your business and make you without means of revenue to recover the loss.If you are using a car for your business be sure that your personal car insurance will cover business use of your car. If you use multiple automobiles, a commercial automobile rules might be appropriate. Also, if you have a worker who drives his or alternatively her own a car for business purposes or if you lease cars when traveling for business, you can look into a Hired/Non-Owned Automobile Liability policy.

  • Proof of insurance may be demanded by clients

When shooting in a variety of venues, proof of insurance might be required. Besides potential lawful requirements, having insurance reduces the risks which are associated with potential risks, losses and ill-fated events.


  • Protects the photographer’s earned earnings

The insurance should be on the “to get” collection as quick as possible for photographers that depend upon photography as their only source of income. This insurance is kind that insures the photographer’s earned money against the risk of disability (sickness, etc.) that helps prevent them to fulfill their work capacity. As a small venture owner, planning to weather difficult storms that may come your way is worth the investment and time especially when this may potentially block all income.

  • Guards you against third-party claims for bodily injury and related health costs

Bodily injury: As a photographer your job often involves equipment setup that may create a high risk environment for slips and falls. General liability insurance prevents you against third-party statements for bodily injury and related medical costs.

So there you have it, 5 reasons why photographer needs insurance. For photography businessmen, equipment and liability coverage insurance are the most important insurance policies to safe protection. Even though you may be set up just as a limited liability company (LLC) alternatively a corporation, there is no limit to the demand for business insurance. In fact, state laws may require that your business dealings be covered by a particular form of insurance.

pre-wedding photo shootAn important event like a marriage may only happen once in a person’s existence. That’s why engaged couples want nothing but the best wedding ceremony. Others want a grand celebration while some only hold an intimate gathering. Nevertheless, whether it’s a big or an intimate festivity, your dream wedding demands months of preparation.

Indeed, planning is a must to guarantee that your wedding happens just as how you pictured them to be. If you prepared well, there’s no reason to worry big time on the important day. You just need to focus on relaxing and smiling for your wedding pictures.

Yet, for an important occasion like a nuptial, anxiety still wraps engaged couples. Feeling nervous, though normal, may greatly affect their actual wedding day photos. This is why many soon-to-be-wed couples engage in pre-wedding photography. A pre-wedding shoot involves a couple having photo session prior to their wedding day; an essex wedding photographer is therefore needed to do this in the selected site.

Photo shoot on-site

So, wearing their gown and suit, the soon-to-be-wed couples go to their wedding venue and pose for their wedding portraits. Yes, this is possible today! You and your partner have the option of having your photo shoot on-site. Aside from your wedding venue, sites which are important to the two of you can also serve as sites for your pre-wedding photography.

Some couples even have themes and use props for their pre-wedding photography. Rather than wearing their wedding attires, some wear casual clothes or whatever fits their themes. These themes are based on the couples’ common interests and the artistic thoughts of the photographer. The pre-wedding photo shoot gives couples pictures which are fresh, fun, and full of love.

Pre-wedding photography is about having creative and extraordinary pictures with your better half. These are engagement photos which captures who you are and your feelings for each other..

Why You Should Have a Pre-wedding Photo Shoot

Pre-wedding photography lets you be photographed without the stress or anxiety. It’s a time for you and your partner to show who you are and flaunt how much you love each other. No watching or waiting guests to worry about. It’s all about you and your partner giving your best poses and flashing your wonderful smile.

Pre – wedding shoots are usually fun, relaxed and informal. They give a couple the opportunity to get used to staying in front of the camera, play around a little bit and have some fun.

The Pre – wedding shoot will allow you to meet your wedding photographer, and for them to know your style, your dislikes and likes so that on the day itself everything is going smoothly. After building a rapport with your photographer, it is easier for him or her to get the relaxed and spontaneous images, capturing the emotion and essence of your wedding day.

You do not often have time to get professional portraits taken as a couple. Before the wedding shoot offers an excellent opportunity to get informal portraits of you together on your chosen location.

Some photographers offer pre-wedding shoot as a wedding package, it will cost you nothing to do in that case. You do not have to order prints from this shoot unless you want to. What to do with a photo shoot of you is up to you. You can send them to Facebook, or put them on your wedding website if you have one. Alternatively, you can select multiple images to include in your wedding album.

wedding photographyWedding photography decisions are some of the most important decisions that you will ever get to make for the entirety of your wedding preparation processes. There are so many responsibilities that come along with covering a wedding event. There are also tons of risks that come along with it and you seriously need to strategize and plan out how you will be able to more or less mitigate those said risks. If you will be interviewing a wedding photographer for you to hire, then you need to understand that this is not your normal interview questions.

We came up with a skeleton set of questions that you can use as a base. You can feather out to other questions from there but using this as your base is most definitely your best bet to having a solid foundation to your interviewing questions. Here are a few things that you can ask your future wedding photographer to see if he or she is the perfect fit for your upcoming wedding.


First things first, you need to ask whether or not the photographer has had wedding photography experience. It doesn’t matter if he or she has been practicing photography professionally for a while now. You need to ask specifically if he or she has covered weddings in the past. This is because weddings in general are a completely different ball game compared to other kinds of photography. Try to ask for any recommendations or any kind of referrals and do your best to try to contact some former clients and ask around what they have to say about the photographer. Also, do your research and look up the portfolios online. Try to see if you like the specific photographer’s style and base your decision on whether the style fits you and what you want for your wedding or not.

Package and pricing

Ask about the package and pricing plans. You need to make sure that you get the most value for your money so on top of ensuring credentials and experience as well as quality for your photos, you also need to make sure that you get the most affordable and reasonable pricing available. Try to see as well if the Edinburgh wedding photographer includes an engagement shoot as a freebie or at a far reduced pricing.


Ask the photographer what kind of gear he or she has. Ask about what kind of camera, how many, and what kinds lenses they have, how many batteries, memory cards, accessories, and so on and so forth. You need to make sure that the photographer you hire prepares for backup just in case something happens in the event of the actual wedding.


Most importantly, you would need to actually sit down with them and make sure that your expectations are managed. Make sure that all the possible points of discussion are covered to ensure minimal disappointment and optimal satisfaction. These are just a few of the basic questions that you can start with but it is always advisable for you to add on to the basic questions based off of what you specifically want to happen to your wedding.

iphoneographyUnless you are living under a rock or have been just completely out of touch with reality as of late, chances are that one, you have an iPhone and two, you have taken a selfie or are at least familiar with the definition of the term. Selfie is obviously an urban slang or a colloquial term for the photographs that you take of yourself. The medium can vary, from high end cameras, to just a humble webcam or yes, your very own gadget of communication and multimedia – the iPhone.

How Powerful is an iPhone

What most photographers do not realize or get to appreciate just yet is the fact that the iPhone can just be as powerful as a DSLR camera when it takes to taking self portraits. This is an even more ironic fact but most photographers actually are not fans of taking photos of themselves. They prefer to sort of see the world more through their eyes which is probably why there are very few photographer “selfie addicts” out there. You have to know though that once they do decide to take self portraits, they have everything going for them since they know just about all of the tricks of the trade.

Avoid the front camera

So what are the good basic principles of taking self-portraits with your iPhone, exactly? This may be a bit of an antithesis to the whole selfie culture but you have to heed good advice when they tell you that you should avoid the front camera as much as possible. This is for the pure simple reason that back facing cameras have higher resolutions than the front facing ones. In turn, they make inordinately way better and way higher quality photos.

Make use of self timer                                                         

Make use of your self-timer. This is slightly in connection to the whole business of having to use your back facing camera to take your self-portraits. Obviously, you can’t just take a shot out of the dark and hope it comes out right then keep on doing it again and again if it does not deliver the results that you want. You need to be able to have enough time to set up the location and compose yourself and pose appropriately; only the self timer will allow you that luxury for as far as the handheld iPhone is concerned so make good use of it as much as you can.

Utilize burst mode

If you want to capture yourself in a lot of different angles without having to go through a whole ton of efforts, utilize your burst mode option.  The iPhone burst mode captures about 10 photos per second. That gives you just the right amount of leeway to play around with your poses and with your angles so you get a lot of photos to choose from. Plus, it’s kind of nice to have your pictures taken in paparazzi style, don’t you think?

Try out black and white

So also might want to try out the black and white mode just like the one you see in DSLRs sometimes used by photographers like this wedding photographer newcastle. That mode always denotes some sort of mystery and intrigue that is nothing but helpful for as far as self portraits are concerned. There are tons of other filters out there too, so knock yourself out and experiment until you get that perfect batch of self portraits that’s worthy enough to be your profile picture or avatar in your major social media accounts.